A+ Self Storage

January 02, 2020
~supermegakiller 5050
December 14, 2019
~Al Banks
November 25, 2019
~Ronald Oliver
November 24, 2019
~Shona Williams
November 17, 2019
Made getting a storage room easy.
~The Slim
September 22, 2019
~Mary Taylor
September 20, 2019
Customer service was great the area is nice and clean the space and a nice clean and spacious I've been with this storage place twice and never had a problem with them kudos
~Robin Smith
August 29, 2019
~Delton Phillips
August 23, 2019
~Priscilla Francis
August 08, 2019
~Chris Caughey
July 22, 2019
~Gary Thomas
June 13, 2019
~Tamara Caldwell
June 06, 2019
Excellent customer service. Jasmine the Senior Manager is cuteous and Respectful. I will recommend to my friends.
~Raphael Sturdviant
May 20, 2019
I have to give kudos to Melody, she has excellent customer service skills!! She took the time to explain the sizes of the units, what the units are usually used for and price points. She was very personable and even handled an irate gentleman waiting very politely. I also appreciate the area manager, she corrected some wrongs and went above and beyond!! The facility is clean and the units are clean. While I was there, there was a company clearing out mattresses left by other tenants. I liked seeing that this sort of thing gets taken care of before they start attracting rodents and bugs. The only reason I have to give this company a four star rating is because of an associate by the name of Jasmine, she is quite possibly one of the rudest people I have spoken to in my life. She clearly doesn't value customers and possesses no customer service skills whatsoever. She needs to be trained on what having a job in the field of customer service is. All in all, I would suggest getting a unit with A+. I would suggest to A+ to get rid of or fully train the rotten apple.
~Hanifah Moorman
April 29, 2019
Most of the reviews entailed here are spot on for both ends of the spectrum, The facility is new so therefore has not had time to become derelict. The website is the best way to ensure accurate pricing and specials but what is available onsite doesn't correlate with the web. As well as the hours and availability of the dolly is not convenient. The cons are the requirements of facility provided insurance, which make you wonder if a commission is not made. Second is the dates of rent and contract, i.e. You move in after the first of the month, your rate will be prorated for those days up until the end of the month including admin fees and insurance pro ration, this will then be conceived as one month even if not a full 30 days, then your second month and thereafter will be the 1st of every month and a 10 day notice requirement of move out, with the 5th being late for fees and month paid in full. So even though it is on a month to month it isn't. Ex. You move in on the 15th of month with a 50% off special for 3 months, your rate from the 15th to the end of that month will be prorated but the admin fees and required in house insurance will come to the price of the unit. Then on the 1st of the next month you will be charged for that month at (special) and thus constitutes your second month, then if on the 1st of following month will be consider your 3rd month of contract and charged a full month. Basically what I'm saying is the rental and price is not on a rolling 30 days as in the example above. So the ultimate benefit is to ensure you move in on the 1st up to the 5th and also have your own insurance at time of move in and if you so determines your products can't be replaced or valued under 2500 then cancel your own insurance. As the in house insurance only values at 2500 anything above that has to have approval by facility.
~J B
April 23, 2019
Excellent facility! Best customer service I have ever received!! I will only be dealing with A+ from now on.
~Grim Pack
April 22, 2019
Outstanding prices and very friendly staff.
December 20, 2018
Make sure to look at the size unit you want. Good prices.
~Centy Elmore-Webb
December 17, 2018
Very helpful and secure facility. Manager was excellent and quickly walked through the process and made sure unit (10x15) was ready. Web deal was a great bargain.
~Scott Orme
September 19, 2018
Outstanding Customer Service
~Charles McCroskey
September 04, 2018
Great new facility! Staci, the manager, is amazing!
~Kymberly Lewis
July 24, 2018
~Christie Smith
June 22, 2018
Great new facility with a wonderful manager! Thanks for a great experience!!
~Tashki Bruiserbear